Come to Abrazos...


There's a quiet corner in the heart of London,
Past the hustle of the philosopher's square,
Where you'll find an orphan's patch of green.

Say the magic word to the guardian of the door
to step into another world.
Follow your ears and your heart, to discover
Tango delights,
our place,
your place,

Come for...
...a friendly atmosphere
Relaxed, friendly, social, whether you're in for getting some serious dancing or one of our favourites just a bit of feet watching, feel welcome.  If you're after holiday camp style animation, we're not the milonga for you.

...the music  
Traditional music played in tandas and cortinas. From time to time there may be a cortina of something different, whatever we play, we want it to be danceable. Find our more about the music we play here.

Abrazos started in 2006 in Kennington, we've moved a few times since then but our philosophy hasn't changed. 
We've also been behind the Boxing Day milongas at the Clore Ballroom in the Royal Festival Hall (2008 &2009) as well as organising outdoor milongas, Toca Tango 'Fuera at the Albion Riverside (2006), St. George's Wharf (2007) and the Southbank Centre(2008).

Yes we're on Facebook and you can friend us or like us. We like to spend our time dancing and discovering Tango moments, and not inundating ahem!! updating various sites & lists with our info, so if you'd like to be kept abreast of our latest news, sign up to our mailing listIt's hosted by MailChimp and you can sign up here.